What is Hi jarvis ?

Hi Jarvis is first online portal in India that offers free solution to laptop, Mac and PC problems. We don't charge anything for solutions, literally.

Which products do you provide Technical Support for ?

Right now, We provide support for Mac, Windows and PC only. We wish to increase it further but right now, we are just limited to these. Let's excel in this first then expand.

How can I ask you something or avail a service ?

That's the easiest part. You can reach us via Facebook, Twitter or Whats App(9810799196). We offer consultation from 8 AM to 11 PM and for repair services, we are available, Monday to Saturday 11 AM to 7 PM.

Which Cities and locations to you operate in?

We offer repair services for laptop, Mac and PC in Delhi-NCR region as of right now.

How can I trust you guys with my costly laptop ? I haven't heard of you before.

Yes, that 's a valid question. You have a costly laptop and how can you guys just trust us. Well, We offer 90 Days warranty on every repair and if you feel like any part of your laptop has been tampered with(We are STRICTLY against that), you can just let us know and we will replace the part for free of cost.

How much time do you take for repairing a product ?

We take 24 hours for most of the services. Services like Screen repair, keyboard repair or any part change even takes less time than that. But sometimes, you just cannot understand things and we have to work on that for long. Motherboard problems are usually that take the most of the time.

What if I face problem after a get a service or repair done ?

We don't want that. We never want a customer to return with the same problem. That's what we aim for. Even if you do, we offer 90 days warranty on every service. You just have to let us know and we will be more than happy to do it again for free.